The longest anamorphic painting in the world, world Guinness record

It happened! So on the 29th of august we  together with WeTalkChalk crew Melanie Stimmell Van Latum  USA, Remco Van Latum  USA, Holly Lynn Schineller  USA and I Alex Maksiov Ukraine, during the  6  nights were creating the longest anamorphic

The 41-st Madonnari festival in Grazie (Curtatone)

The 41-st festival of artists Madonnari Fiera Delle Grazie,Mantova in Italy took place from 14-th to 15-th of August. Grazie is the small village about 100 ml to the south from Milan nearby Mantova. This place is famous for

International Street Art festival Wilhelmshaven 2013

My latest 3d from International Street Art festival Wilhelmshaven  “The Call”. 2-nd place I’ve got) in 3d category

Warplanes for Wargaming

This is my first time in Minsk and I am very happy to visit this city! This painting is my comercial project of new computer game “Warplanes” which “Wargaming” company did. As far as I know representation will be in autumn.