3d street painting and 3d mural "Freedom"

Panorama 360 of mural “Freedom”

Here is one more panorama 360 of my mural “Freedom” I did it this spring in Kiev, Ukraine. Here is post about:  Mural “Freedom” in Kiev, Ukraine  also time lapse video: Time Lapse Video of making mural “Freedom”   Form the

New panorama 360 with my mural “Thread”

One more panorama 360 of my mural “Thread” from Drammen, post abot this mural was here: Mural “Thread” Mural “Thread” by Alex Maksiov in Drammen, Norway

Panorama 360 of some murals in Drammen, Norway

Today some panoramas 360 of murals in Drammen, were done for UGANGprosjektet Mural “Envy” in Drammen, Norway First part of mural “Envy” with peacock in Drammen, Norway Mural “When I grow up” by duo Telmo Miel Mural by Telmo Miel in

Panorama 360 of 3d painting “The call”

My latest panorama from the street art festival in Wilhelmshaven 2013 Street Art festival in Wilhelmshaven. Germany in germany

Panorama from Fiera Delle Grazie,Italy

A few  panoramas from madonnari festival in Grazie this summer. Click on the photo. Madonnari festival in Fiera Delle Grazie in Madonnari in Fiera Delle Grazie. Mantova in Madonnari in Fiera Delle Grazie.Mantova in Fiera Delle Grazie.Mantova in

3d drawings “The Shell” & “Violin” on 360cities.net

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3d street painting “Revenge” on 360cities.net

Panorama of my 3d street painting “Revenge” from the Kiev embankment.  3d рисунок в Украине. Киев in kiev