Dubai Canvas Festival takes place for the second year with a 1-14 March location Jumeirah Beach. More than 30 artists from around the world were invited to participate in these days, most of which are making a picture in 3d technique, also several famous graffiti artists are taking part. During these days you can see the process performance in live on the street Al Mamsha length of about 2 kilometers. So if you are now in Dubai, take your kids and come to see the biggest festival of 3d street painting in the world, enjoy the spectacle and make funny photos with 3d painting, everything is for free.
My theme was darts board picture which used two planes: the wall and the floor. The idea is that a person should lie down on the floor plane in the left part of the picture so that his feet should be on the wall, and after you’ve got photo you have return your photo 90 degrees to create the effect as if the person is standing on the dart at dodging the other coming dart. So check it out my new 3d street painting “Darts”!