Today I want to share with you my new muralSwift“, I was working on it from 3rd till 13th of October in Svyatoshinsky district of Kiev, on the wall of a 16-th floors building on the St. Bulakhovskogo 40
I’m noticing that the art work is not a 3d-painting, this is mural (not anamorphic painting). The weather conditions during the works was perfect, the first 5 days it was hot enough to work at a heigh up, the temperature was about 23 celcium degrees. The next five days the temperature dropped to -6 in the morning and  at the day around 10 degrees, with absolute clarity of the sky. Only in the last day, around afternoon, the wind increased  and work was t postponed for 2 hours- cause suspended platform started to droped on the building. As a result, was spent about 90 liters. of latex paint in the area of ​​about 600 square meters, the height of about 45 meters.
Special thanks for the opportunity to work on the wall, for organization and technical support to Sagaidak Ilya and Oleg Sosnov.