Today I do post about the annual festival Sarasota Chalk Festival, the theme of this year was title “Eat, Drink and Be Marry!” Like last year the festival was held in the small town of Venice, Florida (post about it here:3d street art festival in Sarasota) and just like last year, the main event of the festival was creation of another giant 3d-painting “Bacchus”, painting process was leded by Kurt Wenner (Kurt Wenner- inventor of 3d street painting, although the first attempt to create anamorphic images appeared long before the birth of Kurt.) and passed as one of the runways of the local airport. In general, it was decided to create a painting even larger than in the past. What is the size of this painting this year I don’t know, because didn’t take part in process, this year I focused on my own 3d painting.
All guys how were making 3d worked on territory of the airport next to the big picture. The rest of the 2d artists were working in Venice downtown Miami avenue.
My 3d painting itself concept called “Angry Food”