It’s a first and small festival in the city, but very interesting with integration, took place in early August and organized by friend of mine, artist from Germany Frederike Wouters (she makes 3d street painting) with the filing Edgar Müller– well known with giant 3d street painting artworks. The City Council of the city of Krefeld has been submitted the idea to integrate street art in the forest area, which included a few not so harmonious objects, or rather even say that originally the idea was born by residents of the town, to decorate this area. Thus, to this small town was dropped crowd of street artists that on the spot determined with a choice of agreed facilities (abandoned concrete structures) and objects. Thus was the first unusual project called Wood Art. Local people was happy, now you have to evaluate the results of street art forest.
My object has become a small abandoned concrete house near the industrial area, the purpose of which is not known, work on the 3d mural carried out on the lift for two days. I decided to make a warehouse of logs with wasp, cause wasps was a lot in this year in Germany…

So for now you can still find in this place 3d street painting artworks, murals and 3d mural, there is excursion route, come to see!

Wood art Festival in Krefeld

View before painting