I have to say sorry for my readers, cause this post today is not about street art, this post is about one person his name is Colin Law, so if you searching the internet to find some information about who is this mr. Colin Law please welcome.
So this man is producer from event agency “Ticket to the moon” form South Africa, Johannesburg and “Afro Asia Event” Dubai. This year, like a last year he was involved to the big event- a big festival: 3d street art festival in Dubai for organising process. About 40 artists was invited. And at the last moment after festival was done he decided to not pay rest of the ammount to 6th artists who’s taken part in this event. One of this artists was me. He had to do it in March but still didn’t, tells some bullshit story about he is going to do it very-very soon. There is one interesting article was found about this person: https://patrickbd.wordpress.com/category/colin-law/   And here is my warning to you: Stay away from this cheater!

 Colin Law