Yesterday I completed work on my new mural “Freedom”  within the project ArtUnitedUs  you can read on the site, work on it had to begin in mid-April, but for technical reasons the project was postponed for a few weeks and just started on 4 May. Three days were spent for preparing wall, it turned out that on the plaster  I can not put the paint, cement simply turned into clay, what was the problem is not clear, whether the time-old building more than a hundred years, or a fire, on the general cleaning of the wall I spent 3 days, you will be able to see it on the video, painting taken five and a half days. Technically, this is not a 3d painting, because the image is not anamorphic, but the effect creates a shadow from the object, which adds a sense of three-dimensionality. Address: Kiev, Ivana Franka St.12

Work in progress



Mural "Freedom"