Here we go! Today  the new and the first mural of this year, I just finished on “Independence Square” in Kuznetsovsk city, new name is Varash, in the Rivne region in early April. It was especially pleasant to be in this city because I was not here for more than 30 years. For information, the city is the so-called “satellite city”. It was built for personnel of large strategic production, in this case RNPP. The weather turned out to be good with short-term rains but on the whole relatively warm, can not be compared with the current temptation. Why a stork? This beautiful bird is a symbol of this region, in the spring time there are nesting on the roofs of houses in the villages, it is a symbol of peace and prosperity therefore if the stork nestles in your house it’s always  good sign.The mural made with the support and initiative of Vasily Janitsky, Geo Leros , A special thanks to Yaroslav Basyuk, as well to Vladimir for help in technical support, the provision of the necessary equipment to work at height. Video process and panorama coming.