3d street painting like advertising

There is one more 3d painting we did with WeTalkChalk company in the studio one year ago for GMC corporationfor exhibition in New York, with using 3 surfaces. It’s a good example how company could make good promotion with
3d street painting "Darts"

3d street painting “Darts”

Dubai Canvas Festival takes place for the second year with a 1-14 March location Jumeirah Beach. More than 30 artists from around the world were invited to participate in these days, most of which are making a picture in 3d

3d mural “Wasp”

Here is Time Lapse video of making 3d mural in Krefeld last summer Post about here:  3d street painting in the wood
3d Mural "Wasp", Germany, Krefeld 2015

3d street painting in the wood

It’s a first and small festival in the city, but very interesting with integration, took place in early August and organized by friend of mine, artist from Germany Frederike Wouters (she makes 3d street painting) with the filing Edgar
"Checkmate!" 3d street painting in Crimea, Ukraine

3d street painting “Checkmate!”

Here is one of my oldest 3d street painting named “Checkmate!” I did in Crimea, Ukraine in 2012. To create this painting took one day. The theme of this painting is attaking turtle to chessmen. To create this painting took one

3d painting “Bathing”

Here is my 3d  street painting form Den Haag  Street Art Festival, I made one month ago in Madurodam. The theme was “Water and Holland“

New time lapse video of making 3d painting “Lava Cube” in Stuttgart

post about 3d street painting in Stuttgart

3d street painting in Stuttgart, Germany

Have the new photo from Stuttgart…Made  3d painting “Lava Cube” in Milaneo shopping mall a few days ago

3d street painting in Tallin, Estonia

Glad to introduce you my new 3d street painting “Air Baltic 3d” the same air company Air Baltic with support by Planet Street Painting, which has been done a few weeks ago in Tallinn, Estonia. Check it out please!

3d street painting at the Museum of aviation in Kiev

New shots from  Museum of aviation in Kiev, where I’ve done the new 3d painting “Flying above lava”, see also my panorama 3d street painting at the Museum of Aviation in Kiev