"Checkmate!" 3d street painting in Crimea, Ukraine

Street Art Festival in Dubai

Here is another  one  3d street painting “Checkmate!” I’ve done at Dubai Canvas street art Festival with another  3d art work post about is here: 3d street painting “Darts”. The”Checkmate!”  is a print replica to my old one 3d painting

3d street painting in Bulgaria

So glad to be part of the first 3d street painting festival in Bulgaria next month. Gonna be something intresting
3d street painting "Darts"

3d street painting “Darts”

Dubai Canvas Festival takes place for the second year with a 1-14 March location Jumeirah Beach. More than 30 artists from around the world were invited to participate in these days, most of which are making a picture in 3d

3d painting “Hot & Cold”

A short report about the festival MSAF (Malta Street Art Festival) from  Malta. The festival has been held for several years, each time changing the location last year in the beautiful city of Valletta, the main participants of the
Sliema street art festival

Sliema Street Art Festival, Malta

Some 3d painting from Malta Street Art festival 2014 which took place in Sliema city in mid-July. As I alredy told in previous post. The festival consist of more than graffiti artists and the first time this year the

3d street painting in Disneyland, California US

Today I want to say about festival which took place Anaheim and Orlando in 2013 October 4-6. Which took part 2d and 3d artists from several countries in the United States, Mexico, Italy, Ukraine. Topic was cartoon characters and

3d street painting in Netherlands, Almere

Today, a few pictures from the festival in the city of Almere, the Netherlands. The town is young and modern, sometimes it seems that you are not in the city, and a large shopping mall, but the post is

3d painting “Bathing”

Here is my 3d  street painting form Den Haag  Street Art Festival, I made one month ago in Madurodam. The theme was “Water and Holland“

Time lapse of making 3d street painting in Wilhelmshaven 2015

Time Lapse video about creation of 3d street painting “Danke” in Wilhelmshaven

Street Art Festival in Wilhelmshaven 2015

Today I want to tell and show you a few works with an annual festival, held in the town of Wilhelmshaven, Germany. This time the festival dates were August 1-2. The festival has three categories of technique of drawing: