"Checkmate!" 3d street painting in Crimea, Ukraine

3d street painting “Checkmate!”

Here is one of my oldest 3d street painting named “Checkmate!” I did in Crimea, Ukraine in 2012. To create this painting took one day. The theme of this painting is attaking turtle to chessmen. To create this painting took one

3d painting “Hot & Cold”

A short report about the festival MSAF (Malta Street Art Festival) from  Malta. The festival has been held for several years, each time changing the location last year in the beautiful city of Valletta, the main participants of the

3d street painting in Disneyland, California US

Today I want to say about festival which took place Anaheim and Orlando in 2013 October 4-6. Which took part 2d and 3d artists from several countries in the United States, Mexico, Italy, Ukraine. Topic was cartoon characters and

Map of murals in Kiev, Ukraine

Just found map of murals in Kiev. Check it out http://kyivmural.com/

Mural “Swift” in Kiev, Ukraine

Finaly made video of making mural “Swift” in Kiev, post about Mural “Swift” in Kiev

Mural “Swift” in Kiev, Ukraine

Today I want to share with you my new mural “Swift“, I was working on it from 3rd till 13th of October in Svyatoshinsky district of Kiev, on the wall of a 16-th floors building on the St. Bulakhovskogo

World Streetpainting Festival inspired by Van Gogh

I was honored to be invited for taking part in this second “World Streetpainting Festival inspired by Van Gogh”   dedicated to 125th anniversary of Van Gogh’s death, which took place in Arnhem 10-12th July. Of course all  paintings

3d dinosaur

So, now we’ve finished with my asistent Talanova Tatyana our latest 3d painting in Nikolaevsky, Zoo. Please come to visit one of famous Zoo in Ukraine. Many thanks to director of Zoo Topchy Vladimir.

3d street painting in Tallin, Estonia

Glad to introduce you my new 3d street painting “Air Baltic 3d” the same air company Air Baltic with support by Planet Street Painting, which has been done a few weeks ago in Tallinn, Estonia. Check it out please!

3d street painting at the Museum of aviation in Kiev

New shots from  Museum of aviation in Kiev, where I’ve done the new 3d painting “Flying above lava”, see also my panorama 3d street painting at the Museum of Aviation in Kiev