Time lapse of making 3d street painting in Wilhelmshaven 2015

Time Lapse video about creation of 3d street painting “Danke” in Wilhelmshaven

Street Art Festival in Wilhelmshaven 2015

Today I want to tell and show you a few works with an annual festival, held in the town of Wilhelmshaven, Germany. This time the festival dates were August 1-2. The festival has three categories of technique of drawing:

Panorama 360 of 3d painting “The call”

My latest panorama from the street art festival in Wilhelmshaven 2013 Street Art festival in Wilhelmshaven. Germany in germany

3d street painting in Wilhelmshaven 2013

Timelapse  of 3d painting in Germany here post about this  http://maksiov.com/gallery/international-street-art-festival-wilhelmshaven-2013.html

International Street Art festival Wilhelmshaven 2013

My latest 3d from International Street Art festival Wilhelmshaven  “The Call”. 2-nd place I’ve got) in 3d category