Today I want to tell and show you a few works with an annual festival, held in the town of Wilhelmshaven, Germany. This time the festival dates were August 1-2. The festival has three categories of technique of drawing: 3d-painting, 2d-painting category and a free artist, as well the Audience Award. Also at the festival presents a large 3d street painting in no competition, this year there were two: from Nicolay Arndt and command leaded by the artist from Mexico Adri del Rocio, work starts a few days before the festival because of the size of the painting. And this time the teams who have worked out of the competition were a bit unlucky with the weather, because almost the whole week before the event, the area flooded by rain and the working process was little bit in a hurry, can not be said about the participants of the contest, in the days of the festival they where lucky enough, during two days was sunny beautiful weather, first time in three years of my involvement was no rain. Work on drawing schedule usually begins at 10am but most of the artists appear on the site for a couple of hours early to have more time to make painting, the work continues for two days. Material for painting – any washable. At the end of the last day the jury evaluates the works and announce the results.

This year in the category of 3d-picture I’ve taken first place, with a 3D Pavement Art  named «Danke!» (Thank you!) Below, in comments to the photos you can see the work of other participants who took the prizes in a different categories.