So … Let me continue the article about creation 3d street painting, first part starts from here: 3d street painting for dummies or how to do 3d anamorphic painting? 3d street painting or anamorphic painting can be made by any kind of material: by chalk or paint (acrylic or gouache) it’s up to you.

"The Frog" in Art chalk festival in Atlantic City, USA

3d street painting “The Frog”

  1. In a previous post, we have made a grid in a promising reduction on the plane, according to the selected parameters sizes of grid squares 1,5×1,5 ft (AB segment length). The height of the human figure on the picture and the height of the beholder, who is standing on the main viewpoint is 5,5 ft., Distance to the viewpoint, 6 ft. As you can see in the photo below, placing our “apple sketch” on the grid we got,our 3d anamorphic painting on the site should look exactly the same as in our sketch, i.e. without distortion and deformation.                                                                                                         3d street painting for dummies
  1. Now we need to draw a grid without distortion, this is our projection sketch, with which we will work on the site and transfer the image onto the pavement.We are making our grid at the edge of the picture plane, which is our line H, the grid will be parallel to the picture plane and perpendicular to the plane of the base, i.e. the “asphalt”. The size of the grid squares is the same, 1,5 ft, in the sketch of course you have it in your chosen scale.3d street painting tutorial


  1. Next… keep your eyes on it … Let’s make a number of the squares. Draw beam, I called it “projection beam” from the viewpoint N, to the point of any intersection of  our drawing with a grid that lies in the perspective, I chose the edge of a  apple leaf – it’s on our grid lines in the perspective (square base C2 ). Crossing our grid that is parallel to us, the projection beam makes a point, which is the edge of our apple leaf.3d street painting for dummies


In this artful way we find all crossing points on our grid. Points that falls to the axis line, you can count by proportional calculation.To achieve  more accurate result in making details and lines of your 3d painting, you should set smaller cell pitch. After we found all points we connect them with a smooth line, like small kids in the  kindergarten  ;)… 3d painting in our  projection sketch is done! Wow!

As you can see from our result we’ve got our sketch deformed. Now we have to transfer it to the pavement in the real spot, where you’ve already made the grid..3d drawings how to do

The same way you make your painting on the walls and ceilings. Thank you for reading this! Hope  my article will help you, good luck!

P.S. And do not forget that the 3d street painting  or sidewalk chalk, 3d drawings and etc. is primarily a picture that requires drawing and painting skills, possession of color and composition, otherwise, it may not turn out spectacular.

Cont 3d street painting how to draw?