Everybody seen a lot of this kind of  street art on internet, but not so much people know how it possible to make it, what is the secret of creation 3d?  In this post I will tell you about the principles of  creation of 3d street painting on the pavement and not only on it. The word “pavement” or asphalt is mean the horizontal plane we walk every day, it can be a concrete or wooden base, glass and even sand, yes, nowadays you can find 3d drawings created on a sand, think on the different surfaces which consist from different materials. It just so happened  we started to call in our country  “3d drawings on the asphalt “,  probably because in childhood we told: “ Drawing with chalk on the pavement,” though often painted more of them on the concrete, the concrete is possible that the word does not sound … Abroad literally translating in English is  3d street painting, anamorphic painting or  3d pavement art, Sidewalk chalk.

3d street painting what is it?

3d street painting, how it works?


3d street painting "Angry food"

3d anamorphic art


3d street painting in Europe, Stuttgart

3d pavement art

So … Many of you who are reading now this article already familiar with this type of street art from photos or probably  anyone of you seen 3d pictures  in live, and maybe even tried to create his own painting, and certainly the majority was set question: How can they achieve this 3d effect?

I am pretty sure that most of you already exclaimed: ” Hm-m, there is no any secret!… It’s  an elementary projection of the image to the plane!” And they are right. I would say that is projection plus cooperation with perspective, though of course the concept of projection can not be separated from the subject of perspective, it’s interactive things.

So where does work start from to create 3d street painting?  Work begins, like for any artists with development of the draft sketch, which depends on the dimensions of the area which will be carried out drawing. You’re asking me: ” How does it depend on the size of the site?” Fot that you have to understand, that the drawing on the pavement is a projection onto the plane, which is at angle to us and has a promising reduction and the more object closer to the horizon line the more space it needs, it is provided that the height from the view point, with which a person looks to the object, equal to the average growth of man. So sometimes artists can use a combination of the plane: under the feet and the wall, and then the two walls where using three and four plane (floor, ceiling and two walls) – corner of the room.

  1. On this image you can see how the image size changes during projection onto the plane by the line of sight. And the more acute will be the angle of the line of sight to the plane of the pavement, the more extended we will get painting.

    3d pavement art

    Projection of your sketch to the pavement

Yes I knew that! let’s move on!…

  1. After you have done your sketch, you have to transfer it onto the plane in this case the asphalt. How to do it?

Some of you have said : ” With the help of the projector!” Yes, I say yes, you can use the projector, but there is one little condition, you have to make your 3d painting at the light during the day as it can be assumed at the festival, in which the process of using the projector makes Impossible- simply not visible in bright light. So, how to make 3d anamorphic painting? …

To do this I will introduce you a little bit to the subject of perspective and way of constructing geometric objects in the space which calls architect method. Why is geometry? Because at first we have to build a grid in space. This method is more familiar to artists and architects of the relevant institutions, although someone faced with the basics of the subject in the drawing.

From the main viewpoint 3d image should look exactly as you’ve done on your sketch.

Preparing sketch for 3d painting

Your sketch on the paper

  1. At the same time drawing on the pavement “apple”  should look like this (top view).You can see how image get distortion on the plane, that’s why  3d painting or  anamorphic painting, do not confuse with amorphous :),  you have to watch only from one viewpoint.The diagram shows the field of  human vision is about 120 °.
3d painting on the pavement

The view from the top to the pavement


  1. The main view point shows for the viewer this sign (which I use) or any other, what makes more understandable for people, they have to stand exactly here and have to look to this direction. So for your best photo you have to find a sign like this.

    Sticker for 3d painting

    Sticker for 3d painting

  2. A few examples for understanding how changes the size of the 3d painting.

    "Centipede" in Art chalk festival in Atlantic City

    “Centipede” view from the right viewpoint

  3. And now the picture is transformed (view from the back side)

    Wrong viewpoint

    Wrong viewpoint

  4. Example of using two planes for a 3d street painting

    Sliema street art festival

    3d painting wall+ floor

  5. How looks the distortion of 3d anamorphic painting from wrong viewpoint.

    3d painting

    Wrong viewpoint

  6. At first you have to set the size of the rectangular area, which will grab your painting on the pavement and to determine the perspective scale, namely the scale of length and width. To do this on a sheet of paper is necessary to outline the horizon and make line H parallel to the horizon, this line is the edge of the picture plane on our drawing to which we will come, on the pavement this line is the boundary of a rectangular grid, which will be divided into squares measuring 1,5 x 1,5 ft. this size is given by the artist at random, depending on the complexity of the image you make, the more details you have to make the more should be squares, it’s always up to you, your professional skills you have.street art
  7. In this way, know the height of a man ( take the average height 5,5 ft), we can set the yardage on the image plane, on the line H. Then draw the center line, which is at an angle of 90 ° to the edge of the picture plane, in this instance to the line H.3d pavement art
  8. As a matter of convenience I’ve broken ft segments in to half of ft and connected to the point P on the horizon, thus obtaining the vanishing point P and the length scale of the segments that   are equal to 1,5 ft.Secrets of making 3d street painting
  9. Now, most importantly, we need to define the width of the scale, or you can even say the scale of the depth of the long by 50cm. Simply, we need to determine how the grid will visually shrink in perspective, put it to the pavement. I recommend you to take sheet of paper more ).We set the distance to the main viewpoint ( where from people will take a picture of 3d artwork) ie to the edge of your image (or rather to the edge of your future grid on the pavement) I make 6 ft, artist sets the distance that he need, but I think that there is no point to make it less than 4ft . At the axis line of our drawing from the edge of the picture plane, what is the line of H,make a distance of 6ft as a result getting cut CN. The  point N for the further construction of the drawing does not play a role.How to do 3d street painting
  1. Next we need to get a remote point D1 on the horizon from which the beam will intersect the picture plane at an angle of 45 °, at point C, it will help us to determine the top of the square. To do this, select a distance twice the height of the human figure, because the figure is the object on which we are conducting the measurement. Why is 2 times on the picture plane? The reason the device of the human eye, the capture angle have greater width than height. For good not a distorted perception, we need to be at a distance from the object twice of the height of it. So we get the point Q (on site we do not need it). From the main point of vanishing P carry over (it is possible with the help of a compass) a segment equal to PQ on the horizon line, so getting D1 and D2 point, often you will have to go beyond a sheet of paper, so the segment PQ is divided by 2 to get the point D½ and four points for D¼. After the beam through the points D1, C we get a straight line, which crossing the picture plane at an angle of 45 ° in the perspective.How does it work 3d art
  2. The resulting point B1 of segment BD is the top of the square, the segment B,B1 is the side length of 1,5 ft in the perspective.Making 3d street art
  3. As I said above, D1 remote point beyond the sheet of paper, as a matter of convenience segment D1, P is divided into four parts and getting the point D¼. Using remote point D¼ keep in mind that in this case the beam intersect the side of the square B1, C1 has a different angle (it’s about 75 °) to the picture plane. And to find the point of intersection, the segment BC is divided into four equal parts as well as any other segment of the picture plane on the line, from the intersection point of a straight line make in to the vanishing point  P, from D¼ in intersection point will determine the side of B1, C1 as it makes the beam conducted from the D1 to C.3d pavement art, secrets of making

16. Next stepHow to make 3d street painting

  1. In this clever way at the intersections of beams from distant point with beams of contraction AP , BP, CP, DP, EP, we got a grid size 6ft by 6ft in a perspective contraction with the size of the square section 1.5ft x 1,5ft. Here it is!How 3d street painting works

Almost everything is ready to start making your own 3d street painting 😉

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