What’s the difference between 3d mural * and conventional 3d street painting on the pavement?
No difference, the same 3d effect, the only difference is plane, in this case it’s vertical plane.
Here is one example of work in this technique made by me in Singapore in December 2015 – makes decoration of Commune Cafe in the one of the shopping malls- “Millenia walk”. The problem was: it was necessary  visually expand the space of the entrance to the cafe, in consequence of which the idea of ​​making 3d mural was suggested, which made the interior a little bit more spacious. Was decided to paint octopus is ordering coffee at the counter of the cafe.

Getting started, on this photo shows how is tight the space between the desk and the wall.


3d mural "Octopus in Cafe"

3d mural “Octopus in Cafe” the beginning


3d mural

Another view angle to mural


* 3d mural or 3d picture on the wall, even you can find term 3d graffiti, which is now like to call any art works made in the technique of 3d, that is not quite right, not every 3d street painting is 3d graffiti, the main difference is that the 3d graffiti is primarily a graffiti – nowadays  creates by spray cans and with graffiti tag- a pen name of the author.